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1.000.000 downloads giveaway! (Ended)

(This giveaway has ended, thank you all for participating. The winners have been contacted and the keys have been claimed!) Hello everyone! We are celebrating 1.000.000 downloads! This is a crazy amount of downloads that we never expected to reach. As a thank you for all of your support and for using the Nitrox Mod […]


The Nexus Event

An important change Hello everyone! Today we have a bit of a different topic we need to talk about. This impacts the Nitrox Mod, as well as all of the other users and creators that use Nexus Mods. As we are sure a lot of you have heard by now, Nexus Mods is changing some […]

Development General Update

Dev Blog #4: Implementing the future & Cross-Stores?

An update about updates? We’ve been silent on our side about what we are working on, but now we are ready to tell you all what we have been up to, and we are excited to share it! What is on the horizon? For our next update, we got some things that you have all […]

Design Updates

Dev Blog #2: Redesigning our Launcher

When you first start playing Subnautica Multiplayer, the first touchpoint is the Nitrox Launcher. It provides direct access to all the mod features, including starting multiplayer, creating a server and the console while you host a server session. Introduction Hi there, I am Rux! I am a professional UX & UI designer. I am very […]

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Dev Blog #1: Buildings & Updates

Why a Dev Blog? Having had a very productive and anticipated launch of which made it possible to play on Epic Games again, we would like to give you all a update on our progress and what we are trying to fix. Also, we figured out that maybe Twitter and Discord might not be […]