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An important change

Hello everyone! Today we have a bit of a different topic we need to talk about. This impacts the Nitrox Mod, as well as all of the other users and creators that use Nexus Mods.

As we are sure a lot of you have heard by now, Nexus Mods is changing some major aspects of how their website works. 

How this impacts the Nitrox Mod

The Nitrox Mod started out on Nexus Mods and has a long working relationship with using them as our main hub for uploads and downloads. We have over the years been deleting older versions of Nitrox on Nexus Mods each time we uploaded a new version. This is to ensure that everyone has the newest version with the least amount of bugs, as well as helping our Support Team spend less time on fixed issues.

The big Nexus change (5’th of August 2021 deadline) changes how managing mods will work. All creators on Nexus Mods will lose the ability to permanently delete the different versions of their mods. This will create a lot more issues for our Support Team as well as you. Those of you that would use the new “collection” feature on Nexus Mods.

This “collection” feature is intended so that users can download out-of-date mods, mods will be “frozen” in time so that it can be downloaded as a package to be used with specific versions of games and other mods. You as a user will have an increasingly higher risk over time to download a version of the mod that is from an out-of-date “collection”. – As of currently available information by Nexus Mods, mod creators will not be able to opt-in or out of the “collection” feature.

This might cause conflict between user and creator over issues that have already been fixed – This occurrence will increase more and more over time as the “collection” feature is adopted.

Questions with no answers “Trust us”

The information provided by Nexus Mods about this feature, as well as how their new “No delete – Just Archive” way of doing things is poorly thought out. When asked by the community of modders, worried about these changes. Nexus Mods have simply said that they don’t have any details to share, as they are still considering the collections system.

What this means is that they don’t know how the feature will work yet, as the feature is very much a work in progress. They will however force all the mod creators on Nexus Mods to agree to lose the rights to delete their own content, on a ridiculously short deadline (5’th of August 2021 being the last day to do so). This has forced the entire modding community on Nexus Mods into an unfortunate position having to make a rash decision based on limited information.

This can only be taken as a “Either you sign over the permissions to your content, or you delete your mod and leave Nexus” the fact they have only given the community a single month to react and get answers to their questions is absurd. Most of these questions, Nexus Mods do not have answers to.

We do not think that mod creators should lose the right to delete their own content.

The Future

Nitrox version 1.4 will be our last on Nexus Mods. We will not be uploading 1.5 onto Nexus Mods. – You can find 1.5 and any future updates on our Website

The Nitrox project has been fortunate enough to have the resources to host our own content on over the past year. Our users have been quick to adopt our website, and we are sure that our approach of “No ads, no subscriptions, no queues” has been a major contributor as to why our user base has adopted our website so quickly over Nexus Mods.

It has been great to see all of your support throughout the years, and we really do appreciate it when people post a screenshot or tell their stories of how they slingshotted their friend into the moon with the Cyclops. – Thank you all for supporting us and enjoying our mod!

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date on the progress of Nitrox here on the blog, on our Twitter @modnitrox, or drop in for a chat on our Discord

– The Nitrox Team

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By Shalix

Community Manager of the Nitrox Project

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I love subnautica, its one of my favourite games!
Recentlt trying out this mod with the hubby and we ran into an issue of no spawning pods
Is there any way to fix this?


Sorry, once you publish something on the Internet, it is out there, and rightfully so. “Right to delete” sounds just wrong, there gets enough stuff deleted, projects die, hard drives crash, you don’t have do to it on purpose. I often have been very thankful for being able to download older stuff for older games and older versions of games, after a vendor opted to do stupid stuff in newer versions. It is totally fine that you do not support older releases, but for gods sake, leave them available for download.

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