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Dev Blog #1: Buildings & Updates

Why a Dev Blog?

Having had a very productive and anticipated launch of which made it possible to play on Epic Games again, we would like to give you all a update on our progress and what we are trying to fix.

Also, we figured out that maybe Twitter and Discord might not be the best place for a long post, as a result, we have decided to start a little Developer Blog. Here we will try to update everyone on the state of Developing Nitrox, what we are working on and maybe some sneak peeks on what might come in the future.

After the release of the recent Nitrox update, we have been collecting lots of data from our bug report form and have made progress on various issues.

Currently, we are working on a bug fix patch that will release in the near future. While our devs are working hard on it, but we can’t promise what will or will not be in the patch. Furthermore, be assured the next patch will improve the Nitrox Multiplayer experience making it more enjoyable.

What have we been up to?

We have been working on the Base Building, and we have made a lot of progress in understanding why base building does not work properly. Our current guess is that it has to do with which direction the buildings (compartments for most parts) are in relations to each other and we are trying to figure it out. This might take a bit of time as it is a big issue.

Building Bugs

We are still working on trying to understand the Exploding Seamoth bug, it might have to do with hitbox detection but it might also be because the health of the Seamoth suddenly is not synced between players, making it explode. However, we’ve noticed that it might happen more often if using a VPN service. We are still working on this issue.

Infection stages for players have been worked on and it seems like it will save properly, though we have not done proper testing yet.

We have heard about the items vanishing bug by some players, and we are looking into why this happens, however, we struggle to recreate it.

A brand new launcher is in the work by our in-house Designer. Going away from the old launcher design to a new launcher that now matches our website, making a unified design across the whole project. – More to come about the Launcher in a later post.

What could this be??!

And that’s all for the very first Dev Blog, hopefully this answers some questions and gives you some insight into what we are working on!

Nitrox Team

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By Shalix

Community Manager of the Nitrox Project

6 replies on “Dev Blog #1: Buildings & Updates”

Looking good, keep up the hard work.
Cant wait to see the Building issues fix, especially removing building parts. It is so annoying to not be able to delete anything.

Also having the Arora re-blowing up every time we restart the server, is particularly troublesome for those with bases need the wrecked ship.

Anyway looking good so far, I wish i knew C# so i could help out.

Hi I’ve found that game collects all delited structures (building parts) in the begining of a chunk (like red lights) .
And if this part is touching a building itself, counts as an attached part.
Hope it can help you.
Ty, for your job!

The exploding seamoth bug seems to be caused by a desync in the locations between players. I have avoided the bug with my friend by having him show me where it is on his screen and avoiding both where I see it and where he says it is.

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