Nitrox 2022 – What’s up?

Hello everyone! We hope you all had a good start to the year and that you all are staying healthy. We have a bunch to talk about, so let’s get to it! Update(s) when? The most pressing question most of you will have is when will a new update come out? The problem with answering […]

Blog Development

Nitrox 2021

Hello Survivors! As we did last year, we wanted to give everyone an update about how the mod is doing, and how the project, in general, is doing. But first, we wanted to say something to you, the players and fans of the mod. It has been one hell of a year, we hope you […]


Dev Blog #3: A short story of the new chat

To give all of you a better understanding of what we are doing and how long even small things can take, I wrote this little diary. A day here is the time I have besides the Coronavirus, school-homework, a daily dose of gaming and other things that come in my way. Day 1: It started […]

Design Updates

Dev Blog #2: Redesigning our Launcher

When you first start playing Subnautica Multiplayer, the first touchpoint is the Nitrox Launcher. It provides direct access to all the mod features, including starting multiplayer, creating a server and the console while you host a server session. Introduction Hi there, I am Rux! I am a professional UX & UI designer. I am very […]