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Nitrox 2021

Hello Survivors!

As we did last year, we wanted to give everyone an update about how the mod is doing, and how the project, in general, is doing. But first, we wanted to say something to you, the players and fans of the mod.

It has been one hell of a year, we hope you all have been staying safe out there in the dark waters and have remembered to come up for oxygen once in a while.

We hope that you all get to have a safe end of the year celebration and that this new year will be kinder to us all. Take care of each other, look after those that have had an extra rough year, and show your kindness to strangers too. We are all in this together.

Nitrox, 2020 – A lot of work done

At the start of 2020, we made a post trying to explain what our focus would be. Part of that was to improve communication, we decided to make an entire website where users could download the newest version of the mod. We also made a blog where we shared what we were working on, and how we did it. Social Media accounts were also made Twitter, Reddit, as well as reworked our Discord server as part of this. Helping to keep everyone informed on our progress, and to give us the ability to let everyone know when we have news or updates to share. We hope that this qualifies as a task we have successfully completed.

With Nitrox patch out of the door, we hope you are having a blast exploring the darkest depths of the ocean with your friends. With massive improvements towards building, docking, Seamoth being less volatile and with the story pings working. Improved UI in the config file and automatic pause & resume for the server. We are really proud of the work we’ve put into this patch and we are ending this year on a high note for the mod.

For 2021 we want to focus on the synchronization between players, the creature AI, resources and vehicles up to the standards closer to the single-player experience. We will of course continue our work on the buildings and we are looking into ways to make it the mod easier to set up and play together.

Team Nitrox, and you!

This project is made by a handful of generous people. They donate their free time and experience, even after the pandemic hit them hard. They deserve a big Thank you!

The Support staff on Discord is a team that never falters, the amount of time dedicated to helping out our fellow gamers from the staff is deserving a long round of applause. – Thank you Support Team for being there for everyone!

The Nitrox community has come together during this year and we have seen more people donate to Doctors Without Borders this year than previously, it is a big morale booster for the entire team and we are so happy to see people help us make the world a better place – Thank you!

With this year finally coming to its end, we have had a great year with 3 major releases, and multiple patches, more to come in 2021!

Thank you all for downloading and trying out our multiplayer mod. We hope you all will have a good end of the year and we hope 2021 will be a kinder year towards us all. Happy holidays and have a Happy New Year!

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By Shalix

Community Manager of the Nitrox Project

8 replies on “Nitrox 2021”

Yesterday I wanted to play subnautica with my friend, but the server isn’t synchronized and every time we stop and start the server it starts on a different subnautica day, also the radio isn’t working properly.
If you know what should I do, please help.

So me and my friends did a playthrough for about 12 hours, we eventually notices reapers, seadragons and ghost leviathans dont spawn, we also experienced problems with duping seamoths whenever a moonpool was involved and the duped we wouldnt be able to enter but still access upgrade, power cell and storage panels. everything vehicle would occasionally get stuck in place and wouldnt be able to move it until a separate player got in and moved it out of place (it literally gets stuck on nothing like what?) sometimes the sync of when we see things are weird, and some small notes, when one person fixes the aurora, it doesnt fix for the other person, sometimes we cant see color designs and names of the upgrade station on other screens and some lifepods dont spawn when we go to them (also some wrecks are out of assortment, for us it was the one in sparse reef). love this mod and idea though even though we sadly cant finish it, hopefully some of this stuff helps to improve it <3

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