Dev Blog #7: Priorities and you

Bugs! Yes, those.

Hello everyone! Hope you all have been doing well, as for us, we have been busy syncing and fixing things for Nitrox. “Exciting” stuff like entity spawning, refactoring of metadata, entity leftovers, making Nitrox not crash when using the Microsoft store, etc. There is still a lot for us to work on. However, one of the topics for today is data & you, let us get to it.

The #Help-Channel & you

The #Help-Channel is an active place for us on Discord, we monitor it for people needing help and of course, try to keep you all safe from scammers and other less savoury people out there. What we do however see, are the questions being asked. Recently we did an internal poll with staff (Peepers) and some specific community members to see what you ask the most.

Scale of importance 1 being the most important, 5 being the least important12345Total score:
Leviathans (and creatures) not synced3011222
Base utilities (reactors, water filters etc)0203115
Save files management (world corruption)0130013
Bases broken1200013
Aurora radiation not persisting1100110
Cyclops bugged001207
Loading blocked (76%)100005
Item duplication100005
Vehicles exploding010004
Map pings not persisted001003
Scanning resources bugged001003
Portal animations000011
Base hull not syncing000011
A table depicting the results of an internal poll where moderators answered what bugs were most asked about in the Help Channel on our Discord server.
A screenshot of a Reaper Leviathan about to attack the Cyclops Submarine with two different views, one per player
Now there are two of them! Or.. just one?

Leviathan (+creatures)

As you can see, not shockingly Leviathan (and other creatures) sync seems to be the most important thing asked about in the Help Channel, and we agree that it is one of the most important features to get done for the mod to feel complete regarding content parity. We have been experimenting with the Reaper, Sea Treader and Sea Dragon Leviathan. The Leviathans that spawn “outside” of the map, when you go beyond the borders of the map do not sync yet. But it will be worked on at a later date. This is still very experimental, but this part of the creature sync will be coming in the next update.

A screenshot of a multi-level Aquarium in Subnautica, full of the fish Peeper
They got their eye on you!

Base Utilities (reactors, water filtering, etc)

When it comes to the Base Utilities, we have not had any specific focus on it for this update, we had too many areas to work on as just about everything broke. But that does not mean bases have been ignored. The update to the game essentially meant we had to rework the base system entirely from the ground up. What that means is that the functionality of the utilities is not synced. So the water filtration machine might have individual timers for the water depending on who is interacting with it. One thing to note is that the Alien Containment and Aquariums do not handle creature reproduction, so any new creatures born in the aquarium will need to be picked up and put back into it, a bit wonky but good enough for now.

The player(s) repairing a tear in the wall
Seems good to me!

Save files and world management

Saving is not optimal from a user perspective. It is something that we want to improve on, but it is something that we have had to put further down the list of priorities. We have been entirely focused on getting the mod to work on the final version of Subnautica. We want to create a system where it is easier to swap between saves for different playthroughs as well as being able to start a new map more easily than “Delete the world folder”. Work on this will be done when we have extra time for it, but as of right now. We have different things we need to prioritize.

Q&A: Got questions?

So we wanted to do something a bit different for the next Dev Blog. We are sure that you all have questions. There might be something hyper-specific about the mod like why the Crashfish seems a bit too comfy in their nests, maybe some general about how our Discord server works, or something less Nitrox/Subnautica and maybe a question about our team? Like why does Werewolfs profile picture always vibrate or why Clément always post baguettes in chat? We will never know if nobody asks. We will either post a link where you can submit questions or create a form of some sort on Discord, so make sure to be on the lookout if you have questions that you want answered.

Don’t forget that we are on BlueSky! So if you want to stay up to date there on when we post blogs, releases and other announcements make sure to follow us at

– The Nitrox Team

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By Shalix

Community Manager of the Nitrox Project

20 replies on “Dev Blog #7: Priorities and you”

Take your time homies, our friend are these updates that keep giving us faith that your working hard on these bugfixes and updates. keeping the community informed till then is our only request, Good luck devs.

My friends were wondering when a new mod version since I have the xbox verision of Subnautica (on pc) and it can’t revert to the patch that works with the mod. Is there a way to revert my game that I don’t know of or will the next mod update work for the newest version?

So for me it always worked with the epic games version. Maybe you try it again, there is nothing else I can say. :/

Hi Team,
My kids wanted to give this a go. Unfortunately it tells me that the server isn’t compatible with the current version of Subnautica ‘Living Large’.
Is this currently being looked into?

Please do some video on youtube where you show, how you working on the project, and share your advancement please, because its so passionating to see and this is made

Sharing your Devs, and give them a scene, where they can speak to the community, tell us what difficulty they have, like we falowing your developpement with you, spectating your Incredible Work, meet your difficulty with you as spectator, feeling your feeling ect ect

Keep up the good work. My uncle and I have really been looking forward to this so we can experience my favorite game together.

You are doing so well over the years. There´s still not enough we could say to thank you all and everybody who supported the project in the past and supports it in the future! 🙂

Hi HHK, The dev team is rewriting almost all of Nitrox, because of the living large update(subnautica 2.0), and that takes a lot of time. Nitrox works (at this moment) only for steam because you can’t get the subnautica legacy (old) version on epic or microsoft.

Hey Nitrox,
I would love to be on the dC Server, but I am banned since 2022…
Would it be possible to unban me?

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