Subnautica 2.0

Hello everyone! It’s been a while (sorry!).

We have just released a new version of Nitrox, and it will be the last one before the big “Subnautica 2.0” which will be coming very soon.

Nitrox will be a big step performance-wise as well as the quality of life improvements we will be bringing

Ghosts begone!

One of the biggest improvements you will find in Nitrox, is how buildings have been massively reworked. In our testing, the “Red Ghost” buildings are practically gone which is a huge milestone.

Revamped buildings:

  • Massive improvements to “Red Ghost” buildings – They are practically gone during testing with our current in-development build
  • Vast improvements to building parts (ladders, reactors, alien containments) disappear when relogging

More to look forward to

We have plenty of other improvements to the game experience of course. Here are some of the improvements that you can look forward to:

  • Switched from BinaryFormatter to BinaryPack giving a 20% performance increase in packing up packets/data
  • More translated languages!
  • Player character colours once again work! (Hurray!)
  • Improvements to the chat, allowing muting, as well as scrolling through the chat history (up/down arrows)
  • Players no longer lose health/food/oxygen or clip under the map while loading into the server
  • Character animations synced during cinematics and while using doors, hatches, teleporters, etc.
  • Aurora explosions will now be seed-based, also added sync when you use a command to explode/restore/countdown the Aurora
  • Lots of bug fixes!

A long-awaited update

As you might know Subnautica: Below Zero recently had an update called “What the Dock”. Why would we be talking about Below Zero when we have repeatedly said that we are only working on “Subnautica”? Why would it matter for Nitrox?

Well, you see, Unknown Worlds, the developers of Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero have taken a deep dive into the code for Below Zero, where they have optimized, squashed bugs and made it more stable. Now you might not know that they have also been working on the code for Subnautica, bringing both code bases a lot closer to each other. This has given some of our developers the ability to get a slight head start on updating Nitrox for the coming “Subnautica 2.0” update that should be coming along soon™.

With this big update and a whole lot of code changes both for Subnautica and Nitrox, we will need some time to make it work again. So when the update comes, please have some patience.

Shown is 4 player characters in green, purple, yellow and red
3 heads, 4 bodies.. wait.. what?

Excitement ahead!

Nitrox will of course add the brand-new buildings that they are porting over from Below Zero

  • Large rooms
  • Glass dome roofs
  • Large room divider walls

A world to manage…

One major new feature coming to Nitrox is the World Manager UI that will be added to the launcher

An image of the new Server management UI with useful options
New server UI, choose game modes, name and have other settings handy!

From the World Manager UI you can name, add, remove & change the settings of the server as well as have earlier access to the World folder (saves). Also having the ability to change ports, and player limits and change the game mode on the fly we are sure will be a big quality-of-life upgrade.

Keep in mind, we are still working on this feature, and it might not get done by the time “Subnautica 2.0 comes out”

… and players to be managed

Of course, we also know that if you run a server (especially if it’s an open server), managing the players on it might be a bit of an annoyance having to type the commands to kick or mute. So we made an in-game UI that players with the moderator rank can use

A picture of a new feature that allows you to moderate, kick, mute, teleport to and teleport to you
New moderating UI, kick, mute, teleport to and teleport you

This will hopefully make it a bit easier for the server host to moderate their servers, even when they are not online as long as they have a moderator there.

A final heads-up before “Subnautica 2.0”

Before “Subnautica 2.0” comes out if you want to keep playing with the Nitrox Mod, make sure to disable auto updates for Subnautica in the stores.

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By Shalix

Community Manager of the Nitrox Project

24 replies on “Subnautica 2.0”

The application is no longer usable because there is an update to steam. What can we do about it? We wanted to spend New Year’s Eve underwater with my girlfriend, thank you for everything <3

Hi. I’ve got 2.0 Subnatica. Yours mode doesn’t work with the one. Please tell me fast are you going to create new version of mode?

You can turn the game’s version to be compatible with the mod by pressing the cog when clicking on subnautica in your library, then you press properties, click beta while youre in properties then click legacy

i would like to maybe have a version for mac pls cuz i really wanted to play with my friends but cant because of it. i tried many solutions but couldnt make them work.

Are there still plans to update Nitrox to be compatible with Subnautica 2.0? My wife is super excited to try the game, but is not interested in playing it single player.

When we recive new update? this mod doesnt work with sub last update. And if u dont fix it ,all of this work was a waste of time. please finish what u start so everyone can enjoy ur work.

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